Actions Taken Against Connecticut Nurses

Actions Taken Against Connecticut Nurses

Obtaining a nursing license can be incredibly rewarding, but your work has only begun once you get your license. You need to comply with the Department of Public Health and the Board of Examiners for Nursing or action could be taken against your license. In recent years, many penalties have been given to Connecticut nurses. Here, I discuss these penalties to give you a better idea of what you are up against if you are subject to an investigation.

2020 Disciplinary Action

Thus far in 2020, there have been 48 instances where nurses have faced consequences for conduct that the Board deemed inappropriate. These penalties are:

  1. Summary suspension.
  2. Summary suspension.
  3. Probation.
  4. Summary suspension.
  5. License revocation.
  6. Summary suspension.
  7. License suspension.
  8. Probation.
  9. Summary suspension.
  10. License revocation.
  11. One year probation period.
  12. Summary suspension.
  13. Summary suspension.
  14. Voluntary surrender of license.
  15. License revocation.
  16. Reprimand (unspecified).
  17. Probation extension.
  18. Four year probation period.
  19. Three month probation period.
  20. Summary suspension.
  21. Three month license suspension, four year probation period, and $200 fine.
  22. One year probation period.
  23. Summary suspension.
  24. Summary suspension.
  25. Six month probation period.
  26. Four year probation period.
  27. Six month probation period.
  28. One year probation period.
  29. License suspension during investigation.
  30. One year probation period and $500 fine.
  31. Four year probation period.
  32. Four year probation period.
  33. Voluntary surrender of license.
  34. License suspension during investigation.
  35. Six month probation period and $1,000 fine.
  36. License suspension during investigation.
  37. Reprimand (unspecified).
  38. Summary suspension.
  39. Reprimand (unspecified).
  40. Voluntary surrender of license.
  41. License suspension during investigation.
  42. Reprimand (unspecified).
  43. Summary suspension.
  44. Four year probation period.
  45. $250 fine.
  46. Four year probation period after passing NCLEX-PN.
  47. Six month probation period.
  48. Voluntary surrender of license.

2019 and 2018 Disciplinary Action

In 2019, there were over 100 situations where a nurse faced disciplinary action against their license. These penalties included license suspensions, summary suspensions, probation periods, fines, voluntary surrender of license, and even license revocation.

Nearly 100 nurses also faced disciplinary action 2018. These consequences to their careers included license suspensions, periods of probation, voluntary surrendering of their licenses, fines, and in serious situations, revocation of their licenses.

Getting Help

No one wants to be in a position where they face action against their license! As you can see, the consequences can be very severe and many nurses face penalties each year in Connecticut. As soon as you learn of a complaint against your license, you should contact a professional license defense attorney to help you. An attorney can make sure that you are not taken advantage of throughout the investigation process. They can also advise you regarding potential negotiations or defending yourself at an administrative hearing.

The stakes are high when your nursing license is on the line. Do not take any chances – seek the help of someone who can protect your rights and your future such as our team at The License Lawyers. We are happy to help with your situation, simply contact us for more information.