Daycare Worker License Lawyer Defense

As a daycare working in the Bridgeport area, you play an important role in the function of the community. Many families are dependent on the care you provide. You must be at least eighteen years old with a high school diploma (or with an equivalent of at least 540 documented hours of previous experience) in […]

Tattoo Technician License Lawyer Defense

In order to become a tattoo technician in Bridgeport, Connecticut several qualifications must be met. First, the tattoo technician must be at least of the age of eighteen. They must also successfully complete a federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance course, and obtain a first aid certification via the American Heart Association or the […]

Cosmetologist License Lawyer Defense

Becoming a cosmetologist or hairstylist in Bridgeport opens the doors for a wide variety of opportunities but requires a lot of training and practice. First, a degree from a State Board of Education approved hairdressing and cosmetology school is required. Training at these schools include over 1,500 hours of training. Once you have completed your […]

Teacher License Lawyer Defense

To become a teacher in Bridgeport, one must acquire a bachelor’s degree as well as complete a teacher preparation program at an accredited institution. It is possible to become an educator without a degree in education through an alternative teacher certification. After an individual completes all of the necessary requirements, they will be issued an […]

Barber License Lawyer Defense

Serving the public as a barber in Bridgeport allows you to meet the public’s needs in a unique and rewarding way. To become a barber you must obtain the proper licensure. This requires at least 1,500 of study in a state approved barber program. Of those 1,500 hours,150 of them must solely be dedicated to […]

Hair Stylist License Lawyer Defense

Working as a hair stylist in Bridgeport can be a joy for many people. This is a fulfilling career because it allows people to be social while also working with aesthetics, beauty, and art. However, there is a rigorous process to becoming a hair stylist in Bridgeport, and maintaining this license can be difficult. You […]

Real Estate Agent License Lawyer Defense

Real estate is always evolving and a great option for those who love to interact with people and who are intrigued by a challenging profession. Real estate agents in Bridgeport have tasks such as listing homes for sale, working with clients on buying a home, and aiding in the sale of commercial real estate.  When […]

General Contractor License Lawyer Defense

Bridgeport general contractors must provide material, labor, equipment, and services for construction projects. Generally, contractors will hire specialized subcontractors to perform all functions of the construction work.  Your Livelihood Could Be Taken Away An individual who wishes to perform general contracting work in Bridgeport will first have to determine the scope of their work, and […]

Electrician License Lawyer Defense

Electricians in Bridgeport are an integral part of our community, yet oftentimes the profession goes unnoticed. Electricians are tradespeople and their job is to plan, install, and maintain electricity wiring stems across a wide variety of environments. These may be located in homes, commercial buildings, and vehicles.  You Could Lose Your License Becoming an electrician […]

Plumber License Lawyer Defense

Bridgeport plumbers are professionals who specialize in pipefitting and installing systems for the use of water in residential and commercial buildings. A Bridgeport plumber is licensed by the state of Connecticut with two levels – Journeyman Plumber and Master Plumber. You must complete an approved apprenticeship program and then a two year period as a […]