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Attorney Dennis Mancini

I am so grateful for the opportunity to lead the charge here at The License Lawyers.

About Me

I came up with the idea for The License Lawyers during my experience working as a criminal defense lawyer in Connecticut. I noticed that that clients oftentimes faced professional issues when accused of a crime. Clients would come to me with fears not only for their freedom, but for their livelihood as well. I realized that professional license defense is a unique and detailed issue. Each license and its subsequent penalty process is different. Those accused need someone familiar with this issue so that they can receive the proper defense.

After doing some research, I discovered that there is an absence of firms dedicated to this issue in Connecticut, and I decided to fill the gap myself. I am passionate about helping others navigate professional license hearings and investigations. People facing license issues oftentimes don’t know how to react. Investigations can be extremely invasive, and it is an emotional time. Professionals need someone to support them through this process and protect their ability to work. I am happy to provide that service.

I am proud to launch this firm and website to help those who need to defend their professional licenses. I know that this can be an overwhelming time, but I am here to support you throughout the process. Contact me and I will get started on your license defense today!